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FLSC seeks to build bridges

To guide new leaderships through their own path.

In Spain, the Foundation’s central objective is to find, shape, and guide new leaders in their personal and professional lives. Our program seeks to provide future generations of leaders with the tools necessary to face the challenges that will confront society in the twenty-first century.

The Foundation seeks to build bridges across a fragmented society that needs new ways of managing public affairs. In social as well as public organizations, real leaders and common sense are becoming more necessary each day. We are at an inflection point, and it is here that the FLSC seeks to promote its values with educational programs and knowledge sharing.

A meeting point for different generations

At the same time, the Foundation will provide a meeting point for different generations of men and women who intend to transform their environment and understand the present moment while providing an ideal space for sharing projects and making them reality. It will introduce them to a national network of leaders from different parts of Spain and different social environments in a space of feedback and mutual understanding in order to pursue the common good.

Instituto Liderar con Sentido Común

Aula Virtual

La Fundación apuesta por el “Instituto Liderar con Sentido Común”, con el objetivo de fomentar un aula de investigación, capacitación, educación y formación a jóvenes o/y profesionales de diferentes ámbitos cuyo interés es el liderazgo, el pensamiento crítico y el sentido común en la toma de decisiones sobre el gobierno de lo público.

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Debate forum

An incubator for new leaders who, from age thirteen onward, will be trained in leadership, oratory, and critical thinking. An experience for future generations who will occupy leadership positions in society that will enable its participants to “reason, speak, express, and deliberate.”


One of the Foundation’s key pillars is its commitment to young people, and in line with this, we are offering a series of extracurricular classes in educational centers across Spain to help promote our core value of critical thinking: the cornerstone of a new style of leadership that will prepare young people for the challenges of tomorrow.

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