What is a crisis of civilization?

The first square meter––a concept coined by our advisor Pablo Knopoff, an associate of the polling firm Isonomía––means responding to the basic needs of each person, the needs that motivate actions that sustain their status quo: food, employment, health, the education of their children, etc.

It is all those things that lie within arm’s reach: intimacy with oneself, with one’s home, the space that houses one’s loved ones, the neighborhood and city where one lives. It is gauged by taking the measure of our emotions. When enough square meters are brought together, extensive terrains are built, and eventually these come to constitute nations. Moreover, in the present-day Digital Global Society, they can even encompass the entire world.

What is a crisis of civilization?

A civilization is a web of cultures that cohabitate in the same historical mega-space and give identity to those who share it. Today Civilization is an Industry with metallurgical DNA founded 200 years ago in England. Now it is in crisis. A new civilization is struggling to be born. Resistance to this historical emergence is coming in from all sides.


What does it mean to lead with common sense?


At the FLSC we believe that, as human beings we first feel, then think and then do. Common sense belongs to this feeling which pluralizes us, recognizing the other, knowing that each one of us exists because the other exists as well, because you exist.

Likewise, this sense is common because it is among all of us that we are able to build thought and move to action.

Leading today the new institutions of the XXist century, the ones we need to solve the problems that trouble us, requires being in charge with our three potentialities well developed and balanced: we feel, we think, we do.

Thus, leading with common sense is just that: being in charge with your heart, mind, and hands. No more, no less.


What is Humanítica?

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